Are you able to use a working Destiny 2 Aimbot – Hacks are real, however, depending on your platform example PC or Console. Before you start exploding your rockets over the title of this article, allow us to reiterate that this is an information website. For the purpose of educating the members of the gaming community, especially those who have played Destiny and/or planning to play Destiny 2, whether, on PC or console such as Xbox One, PS4, we are touching this perpetually controversial topic.



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You can call it whatever you want—cheats, aimbots, or hacks—but you cannot deny that at least once in your gamer life, you have wondered whether there really are cheats, aimbots, or hacks in Destiny and if the person who just headshot you from 4 kilometers away (not to mention it happened while you were sidestepping from the most obscured wall in the map) was using some kind of cheats, aimbots, or hacks or he was simply THAT amazingly skillful with the mouse or console.



If you have been reading through various Destiny forums, you should know that there are a lot of players who have been raging about aimbots. For those who are confused, lost, and clueless about what they are talking about, they are talking about auto aim software or program that can do the aiming for you—sometimes, even pull the trigger for you—based on the series of instructions or mechanics. Aimbots are commonly used in a shooter, online first person shooter (FPS), or other game that employs aiming and shooting.

Breaking the Code: Demystifying Aimbots, Cheats, and Hacks

The coding or programming of the mechanics used in aimbots is done on the game client. It can be an independent software running alongside the game client or a combination of various alterations on the game files designed to exploit any aspect of the game’s codes to give the player in game advantage.


Initially, aimbot’s were developed as an autonomous program that works subtly behind the scenes while the game client is running. It worked by targeting a particular color value that the user assigned, for example, a color on the shirt or skin of the enemy. Hence the name “color aimbot’s.” During the game, color aimbots would search for the designated color value on the game screen and bring the crosshair or target cursor to that point. Typically, the reaction time of color aimbot’s would depend on the speed of the computer’s graphics card and processor. The more powerful the computer unit, the quicker aimbot could draw the pointer to the target. If set to fire, color aimbot’s would make the character automatically shoot using the chosen weapon once the pointer touches the target.

This kind of aimbot was efficient since it did not require file modification. However, it had difficulty identifying the target in games where elements used pixels with similar color value as the target. Color aimbots would usually end up firing at the background such as parts of the landscape, corpse, or even allies if they had pixels that match the color code entered in the setting. It became even more problematic as the games evolved and started to use highly detailed graphics and color rendering functions that allow constant changes to the colors of objects in the game following players’ movements.


This led to the conception of “content hacks.” Instead of assigning a particular color code, the user changes the setting of the game so that it renders images differently. For example, the user could make the game display enemies in red or other similar shade, friends in blue or any particular color he preferred, and obstacles and other inanimate objects as semi-transparent. This allowed the player to see where the enemies are, making it easy to own them. Content hacks also do not need file modification. Since no files were tampered with, cheat guards or software that protects the system against unauthorized modifications and intruding codes could not detect the hack.

Content hacks can actually be used with color aimbot’s and they prove to be an effective combination. The user configures the content hack to render enemies as a single consistent color then designate that color as the target for the color aimbot. This aimbot combo always finds the proper target with almost no margin for error. The only downside is that it also tends to shoot enemies even though they are on the other side of the wall, which can be trying as it is embarrassing.

Alternatively, the more daring users turned to modifying the game itself to achieve a sure-win advantage. Known as “client hook aimbot,” the user gains the ability to track enemy players based on their position as recorded by the game’s memory. It takes a bit of technical know-how to properly execute this type of hack but it is very powerful. Unfortunately, because this type of aimbot modifies the game’s files, it is usually easier for anti-cheat software to detect and block.

Another type of aimbot is known as “graphics driver aimbot.” These types of aimbots work by capturing information from the graphics rendering software, such as DirectX or OpenGL, to pinpoint the exact coordinates of all players on the server. In some versions, the user can even enter a player’s in-game name and have the aimbot seek out that player. Once the target appears in the user’s line of sight or comes in an unobstructed view, the aimbot will automatically fire using the selected weapon. These types of aimbots are capable of tracking players that are well out of the user’s visible range and shoot at targets that are not visible on the screen.

Given the complexity of every game, the variance in the game setting of every player, and the difference in the user’s hardware, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a universal aimbot, cheat, or hack that you can simply activate with a push of a button and let loose on all platforms.

First Person Shooter (FPS) Aimbots / Autoaim Software

Just like any other FPS, Destiny had its own share of aimbot users. Some Destiny players resent the unfair advantages that aimbots give the user and actively seek out players that seem to consistently show aimbot-using behaviors and report them to the game moderators to be kicked and/or banned from the game.

That leads us to the question: is it possible to use aimbot in Destiny 2?

The answer is yes. It is possible to develop software or programs that can inject codes into the game that will add or make available certain functionalities. Since your machine processes and displays the game to you, it has a record of all the position of every character, mob, and NPCs in the map. That record or set of information can be extracted and used to either automatically aim at enemy mob or players on sight or enable x-ray vision for you so that they are visible even through walls.


Technically, all aimbots can be detected. Destiny 2 developers are most definitely using cheat guard to keep gamers from using cheats, hacks, or aimbots. However, the cheat guard will require the codes of the aimbot that you are using in order to identify you. If you are using premium Destiny 2 hacks, aimbots, or cheats and compensate the developers to keep them undetected, you will most probably be safe from getting detected—unless, of course, you are using them haphazardly.

Newer cheat guards can even read and compute player statistics, so it is important to use Destiny 2 aimbot’s, hacks, or cheats with care to lower the risk of getting reported by other gamers and to avoid getting detected by server-based cheat guard.

Additionally, since the game is always getting new updates, Destiny 2 aimbot’s should also be updated to avoid having the code blacklisted by the game’s anti-cheat feature.

Usually, a high quality paid Destiny 2 aimbot will allow the user to:

1) set the bot to either just aim or aim and shoot,
2) limit the aim speed,
3) limit the distance from crosshair for the auto aim,
4) set a delay between aiming and shooting,
5) set the targeting order (for example, aim at closer enemies first),
6) correct bullet drop,
7) adjust for ping,
8) adjust for movement, and
9) access more feature options.

Most Destiny 2 Aimbot users use auto aim at targets in their line of sight and through most bushes, but not walls or other massive objects. Most good Destiny 2 aimbots also allow the user to configure where you want to shoot enemies so that you do not hit the same spot each and every time. Obviously, that’s like screaming “I’m an aimbot user! Ban me!”

Setting Your Expectations

Depending on the platform that you play on, there are different kinds of cheats, hacks, and aimbots. It is possible to use aimbots to automatically aim and shoot opponents in PvP and PvE. There are also radar hacks that let you see enemy mobs and players through walls and hacks.

However, there are things that any legit cheats or hacks cannot do no matter what. These include:
1. Ingame auto kill hack
2. Item multiplier
3. Auto shoot through wall’s
4. God-mode/invincibility hack
5. Unlimited experience/reputation/stats hack
6. Unlimited materials/ingredients hack
7. Unlimited marks/tokens hack

All these hacks are simply not feasible for one obvious reason: these values–including your health and ability bar, wealth of ingame currency, and various items in your inventory–are stored in Bungie/Activision servers. Unless you will commit a crime by breaking into their facility and alter the data directly from their system, there is no way you or anyone else for that matter can alter that information. Unlike single player games where all data are stored on your own machine, online games are set up differently and so hacks also work differently.

Farming bots or software that allow the user to kill mobs repeatedly is also currently nonexistent. However, you can use aimbots, hacks, or cheats to help you maximize the grind. Auto-aiming programs allow you to kill mobs much quicker, thus minimizing the time needed to make money and find valuable drops like weapons, gears, materials, marks, etc. Still, you have to put in some efforts and manually work your way to max level. It is a pain to grow characters, especially new ones. Unfortunately, there is simply no way around grinding in Destiny 2.

Aimbot’s, cheats, and hacks like “radar hack” are extremely helpful in PvP because they greatly enhance strategy and response time, which are vital factors that affect the player’s performance. However, as previously mentioned, these hacks have to be updated frequently to keep them optimized and undetected, especially since the developers keep updating the game every so often. Because of the hard work that it requires, these kinds of aimbots and hacks can be a little costly. However, for some gamers, the benefits that their character gain by using paid Destiny 2 hacks are worth all the investment.

Finally, exploits or cheats that use bugs in the game to gain an advantage works on all platforms like PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Bugged mobs or bounties can give you plenty of glimmer, EXP, and loots in a shorter period of time.

However, exploits get fixed pretty quickly. If the bug is minor such as one that involves respawning rate, for example, it can only take one to a couple of days for the “bug” to be fixed. Needless to say, using exploits that have been exposed in forums, blog, or other social websites may not be a good idea because the developers also monitor these online spaces. If found to be taking advantage of a bug, developers can strip your account of your loot or even ban you from playing the game. So, as already mentioned, practice extreme caution. If you must, only use exploits that have been shared by a few private groups or small circle of gamers.

Also, take note that not all mobs and missions were created equal; some are better farming targets while other are not that profitable. Being prudent when selecting farming grounds/missions is not an exploit but might as well since exercising critical thinking when planning your in-game activities effectively help you get the best gears and weapons in the game quickly.

How to Play it Safe with Destiny 2 Aimbot

Logically, if you are planning to use Destiny 2 aimbots, hacks, or cheats, you might as well invest in high quality paid hack. Usually, people tend to abuse free hacks since they don’t have any investment in, leading to the hack being detected and getting banned. Also, with paid hacks, the developer gets rewarded for his or her hard work and will keep updating the hack.

It is also important to keep a sportsmanlike attitude when playing Destiny 2. Respecting other players can keep you from getting suspected of using aimbots, cheats, or hacks.

It is also important to remember that while it is okay to win most of the time and become number 1, it is never a good idea to be greedy and dominate a server. Be mindful of the server statistics and try to make your own close to it. Don’t try to act like some god of war and beat the server’s top sniper by a million kill difference, that’s just way too obvious! Also, while getting headshot all the time is cool, having a 100% headshot kill will definitely turn everyone from every Destiny 2 server’s attention to you. Again, keep your accuracy rating appear as normal as you can.

If there is a kill cam, don’t let anyone see that you are using aimbot. Using this kind of cheat correctly can be challenging and will get harder as anti-cheat programs become more advanced. That is something that you have to deal with if you want to cheat in online shooters. There is simply no way around it.