Apex legends is the fastest growing game currently to hit the online gamming market. With this brings new players and more apex Legends Aimbot. The Aimbot we can show you allows you to play fully undetected. This means you will not get busted or any account banned !

If you do not have that steady arm to get kills, or you maybe just starting to explore the online war games, this is the perfect tool for you!. Do not be seen as a player that cant kill become a number one player and own them all !.
The developers have created this in Beta and have used this on hundreds accounts. Not one account has ever been banned. It will also remain undetected for the lifetime of the game. Benefits of using this Aimbot, You will get 100% hit kills and head shots if needed. This aimbot not only works on PC format but also works on PS4 and Xbox One, Giving players more option to choose from.

This will not matter if you get 100% kill rate as this is undetected. No one can report you for using an Aimbot as there is no reason to. You can adjust settings so they appear to be smooth with the same recall any other player would have normally.