Destiny 2 Boosting will be the next big thing for Ps4, Pc, and Xbox One, If you are wanting to Boost and gain more rank in Destiny 2 why not get boosted? This is one way to make sure you are always up top. Players often find themselves stuck at lower ranks. This is not saying they are bad players. It comes down to experience in the game. Some players do this as a full-time job. So they have got many hours of game play. You will learn faster playing in higher ranks rather than low ranking players.


We suggest if you are looking to keep an account ranked high this is the best way to do this. Leveling up to higher ranks will cost some money. This will also take away any frustration trying to climb ranks yourself. If you are thinking of getting this done, make sure to check who the player is that will rank your account. You will be able to find out what their background is before paying for a boosting service.


Generally, account boosting or boosting service is an in-game service offered by other gamers that involve helping players to gather loots, complete missions, and gain levels. The rates vary depending on the tasks, benefits, and degree of assistance. Those who are considering to avail of account boosting or boosting service have to be wary, though, as some may use scamming bots, which can compromise your account information and put your account at risk of getting banned from the game.


Boosting services will offer different methods of payments.

  • Bank deposits
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

Destiny 2 Boosting


As mentioned before boosting will help you improve your game. The reason for this is you will be competing against other players that are way better. Destiny 2 Boosting will help you learn faster and understand what is needed to become a PRO Destiny 2 Player. You will learn when to take shots and when not to. Better positioning in the game is a key factor. At lower ranks players



There are several marketplaces on the Internet that offer Destiny 2 boosting service. If you are one of those who plans to explore this gaming option, here are some things that you should check to ensure that you are availing of safe boosting service:

Website Security – Since you are going to enter your Destiny account and personal information on their database, it is important that the website is secured and has a clear Privacy Policy statement.

Trade Protection – The website or marketplace should be able to guarantee to a certain degree that the Destiny boosting service that you will avail will indeed be delivered. It should also be clear to you how admin handles incidents where the service was: 1) not delivered, 2) was not delivered within the guaranteed period, 3) was delivered but different from the order, or 4) being claimed to be delivered but you did not get anything.

Background – Know the gamer who is offering the Destiny 2 boosting service. Check his trading profile to see his reputation or membership level, if he has a verified seller account, and if he has a record of previous transactions. It is better if you can see the feedback from players who have availed of boosting service from him. This way, you will have an idea on how he deals with his clients and how reliable he is when it comes to delivering desired results.

Experience – Check how long the seller has played Destiny. Older players will have more knowledge of the game, which can be used to help your character grow faster and collect items more effectively.

Statistics – Reputable players have public profiles available on Destiny stats websites such as and Every profile is linked to the player’s actual Destiny account so you should be able to see the current standing of each profile in Destiny 2. Check the seller’s win rate for the boosting service that you are planning to avail. For example, if you are looking for safe boosting service in Trials of Osiris, you should check his rating for this instance. Needless to say, hiring someone with low win rate will just be a waste of your time and money. His ranking in other areas is also a good indicator of his skills as a Destiny 2 player and how active he is in the game so keep an eye out for these as well.

Value-added Service – These are bonuses that are not crucial to the service being offered but can help make your experience more pleasant. For example, does he offer live streaming of the service in progress? Does he give freebies or discounts?

Once you have chosen a seller and service to avail, decide on the method of delivery.


What are the methods of boosting service delivery?

There are two common methods of delivery of boosting service: 1) account boosting and 2) live coaching or team assist. Account boosting is a method where you allow the seller to handle your account and use your characters while the boosting service is active. This is recommended for gamers who have to go to work or school and have limited time to go online but want to keep their characters in top shape. To protect your account from getting flagged for suspicious logins, you should avoid using your account during the boosting service. You should also refrain from using a different account to chat with the seller while account boosting is in progress.

Live coaching or team assist is a method where the seller boosts your character by playing with you. This method is effective for new gamers who want to know more about the game and learn from other more experienced players. This is also recommended for gamers who are aiming for special achievements, specific goals, or ratings that can only be achieved through group or team efforts.


Will boosting service be available on Destiny 2?

There is currently no definite information on the kinds of activities available on Destiny 2 Boosting so it is still hazy as to what kind of boosting services we can expect in Destiny 2. However, with the kind of community Destiny has, we expect that it will not take long before the game starts to become highly competitive. Just like in all other massively multiplayer online games, once the competition becomes too hot to handle on a personal level, demands for supplementary services such as boosting service rise. For sure, Destiny 2 will not lack professional gamers who are willing to fulfill them.

Is this a way of cheating??

Destiny 2 Boosting is a form of a cheat, where you are allowing someone else on your account to gain a higher status. By doing this you risk getting banned on your account. One must understand that the booster may be using a tool example Aimbot To use on your account. This is a well-known fact what boosters have done in the past.

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