Destiny 2 Glitches and Exploits

Like most games, Destiny 2 glitches and exploits will be found. Despite the vigilance of Bungie’s technical support team, players continue to discover bugs and glitches that allow them to exploit the game’s mechanics. Some of them are even making glitch hunting their reason for playing Destiny!

Recently, a Destiny gamer who goes by the name djxyzo, glitched his Guardian all the way to Atheon’s throne room in the Vault of Glass without actually loading up the raid. Normally, this should not be possible because there’s no way to open the door unless you’re in the mission. However, some Destiny players discovered that they can glitch through the door while on patrol. Djxyzo used this as the starting point of his exploration. Armed with a sword and his sparrow, he navigated outside the map–going through rocks, behind and over barriers and walls, across abysses and rifts–far from the usual path that other gamers regularly take. Finally, using Destiny’s unique law of physics, he was able to bypass all the limitations that Bungie implemented to keep the area inaccessible to players who did not go through the raid. Djxyzo chronicled his journey through a video tutorial at .


But let’s admit it–this is a task done with two years’ worth of efforts and even if we watch the whole thing a hundred times, we probably couldn’t recreate his amazing exploit.
However, there are other glitches that you can try. Let us warn you, though: Bungie is extremely vigilant when it comes to glitches, especially the type that can affect the game’s economy. It is not surprising if some of them are no longer working. Still the following glitches offer huge rewards and worth trying.


Instant Shoulder Charge Glitch

If you are using a Striker and want to own the Crucible match, try doing this in fast succession: Sprint, Shoot, Crouch, Melee. This will allow you to execute Shoulder Charge instantly.

Infinite Special and Heavy Weapon Ammo Glitch

Equipping a weapon with Cocoon perk and another one with Clown Cartridge perk will allow for unlimited generation of special and heavy ammo. This exploit can be used both in PVP and PVE.This reminds us of a game-breaking glitch that was discovered two years ago, which made Gunslingers almost godlike in the battlefield. The exploit required the combination of two Hunter armors with ‘Ashes to Asset’ perk. This perk supposedly adds a bit of charge to the Hunter’s Super with every grenade kill; instead, this exploit filled up 50-75% of the Super meter with just one kill. This made Gunslingers raging machines, wiping out opposing teams round after round in the Crucible. Bungie was quick on their feet in patching this up. However, the fix didn’t stop other equipment-related glitches from coming out. If you are after a detailed guide visit here.

Following the incident, and not a moment too soon, mind you, another PVP glitch came to light. This time, the glitch involves Nightstalkers. By using the exotic helmet, Graviton Forfeit, and the Quiver perk on the subclasses skill tree, players were able to use Shadowshot indefinitely. All they had to do was activate their Super once, shoot some void arrows, go to the Character screen, and then go back to the game with a full Super meter. Truly, it was an exciting period for Hunters, but not so much for the other classes.


Infinite Super for Sunbreakers and Bladedancers Glitch

Throw unlimited Hammers of Sol or execute endless Blink and Strike by doing the following: 1) activate your Super while getting on your Sparrow, 2) swap to and from a primary weapon, and then 3) dismount from your Sparrow. You have to perform them in perfect timing so this might take some practice. However, once you have accomplished this and get the hang of it, it will be super worth the effort. The glitch works both in PVE and PVP.


Rangefinder Glitch

Instead of reducing the shotgun rangefinder ADS (aim down sight), Patch ended up increasing its ADS by 25%. Now you can lock on to your enemies faster. To activate the glitch, simply enable your rangerfinder perk.


Wrath of the Machine Raid Glitch

This glitch allows players to get five exotic raid chests without going through the routine of killing the bosses. This glitch works for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. Full agility build is essential in accomplishing this task so if you are using a Titan Guardian, make sure you have Increased Height and Twilight Garrison. Similarly, if you are using a Warlock Guardian, you need to have Focused Control. If you are going in using a Hunter Guardian, make sure you have your Triple Jump (Double Jump + Bones of Eao) and Max Agility build. Don’t forget to have your sword ready and bring plenty of patience.

Once ready, enter the Wrath of the Machine Raid solo. At the raid entrance, use the beams to climb up until you reach the arch with small red lights shining like a couple of stars. This is your clue. Approach it and continue by doing some running-jump on sideward. Once you’re halfway through the arch, aim for the slot on the side. From there, face the direction that makes the ground visible and make a couple more jumps toward that direction as if you’re hopping on invisible steps. Continue doing so until you reach a beam. This will serve as your launch pad going to the outside part of the wall.

Now, jump outward and then steer your character so that it faces the wall. Aim for the ledge. Once there, start wall climbing with your sword. Continue upward until you reach a small platform just past the cross bar. Go around the side, the ledge will be able to support you. Jump a couple of times; if you don’t make it, slash your sword to get into position. Feel your way up and be careful not to fall off so you don’t restart. Keep going until you get to the top and to the area where you can walk again. Go toward the wall with a different color and jump up over there. Run forward until you run into an invisible wall. Crawl over to the right side until you reach the position where you can see a streak of vertical light (it’s actually a crack on the wall). Jump around and get to a position where you can use your sword and wall climb.

Now here comes the tricky part because at this point, you will encounter an invisible ceiling that will knock you down very fast. Toward the right side, you will find a line that goes around the wall. Follow the line around and beneath the area where the line passes through until you see the green ledge. Allow your Guardian to fall down and make sure you have a couple of sword swipes to get you on the green ledge. Once there, continue going upward until you reach the open area. Keep running until you reach the edge. Jump down and take a breath. You should see the Splicer’s Den flashing on the screen and a warning asking you to turn back. This means you’re loaded into the game world. Sit back and wait for your Guardian to die. You will respawn inside the wall like you’ve completed the opening of the door process.

As soon as you’re inside, go backwards to pick up the chest in Foundry 113. You will follow a tunnel going there. Once you’ve claimed the chest, go back to the Splicer’s Den and traverse the network of beams until you reach the end of the platform. From that position, you will see a door across the ravine. Run-jump toward it and enter the room. Follow the hallway like you’re going through the back door of a production studio. In one of the rooms, you will find the second chest. Claim the chest.

Now, go into orbit since you can no longer progress past this point. Once you return to the game, you will find your Guardian on the spot outside the Splicer’s Den. Jump down but don’t go back to the area where you waited to die. Instead, move forward and run-jump on every walkway, path, beams, and walls. Keep feeling your way, it’s a long run. You will come across areas where the opening is very small, just make a slight left and keep jumping and running until you reach the area that says “APEX.” There will be a lot of invisible walls, just keep going. Don’t freak out, you will not fall off the map and die. Continue jumping until you get to the area that says “APEX” again. From there, you can either get to the spot where it tells you that you’re going to die in 5 seconds or jump over the edge—either way, you will die.

Once you revived and have loaded into the game, go inside the den and follow the path back to the Splicer’s Den to get the third chest. Jump on the platforms and aim for the higher beam. Follow the path and you will find the chest shortly.

Once you’ve claimed the chest, jump down and follow the platforms and beams, jump over the ledges and more platforms until you get to the area with a flight of stairs past the generator. Jump up on one of the pillars until you reach the platform on top. Follow the platform. This will lead you to the fourth chest.

Now, jump down and follow the platform. If you find yourself running out of platforms, jump to the wall and continue going forward and upward until you find your way back to the area that says “APEX,” the den where you spawned in earlier when you loaded into the game.

This time, follow the path outside across rubbles and ruin. Keep running and jumping. It will be a long run but don’t tire out and stay on the open area. Keep going until you reach the edge. Now, jump off. You should land on a rocky area with a platform leading to a cave. Follow the path and go toward the mouth of the cave. Instead of going inside, jump up the crevices and on the crags on the side of the cave. Continue going upward until you find a solitary pointed rock. Across that spot is a broken platform that leads to an opening. Aim for that slot and go inside. There you will find the final chest.

Congratulations, you just glitched through the entire raid! For a more visual demonstration and troubleshooting tips, you can check out

These are just teasers. There are definitely more where these came from. We can share them with you next time. Of course, we do not encourage you to depend on glitches, cheats, and exploits to get ahead in Destiny. However, trying them out for the fun of it or, as other gamers say, “for the sake of science” can be good for you. These glitches help you see the game from a different perspective and help you appreciate the community better. The fact that they were uncovered by the members of the community tells you just how active, creative, resourceful, and dedicated Destiny’s gamers are. Bungie also deserve praises for responding to glitch reports as quickly as they can and ensuring that Destiny’s gamers continue to have a satisfactory and enjoyable gaming experience. These are good signs of a stable game, which is quite reassuring since the launch of Destiny 2 is just around the corner.

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