Destiny 2 Guide: After three years, Bungie is finally releasing the latest Destiny 2. This will be one of the largest selling games for PC, Xbox One, and Ps4.This Guide for Destiny 2 will go over some of the main factors. With Blizzard’s help, Destiny 2 will be available through Blizzard platform. If you have never played Destiny we promise this will be full of action. So far not allot of information is available on the internet as it’s currently in open Beta Stage.




Destiny 2 is soon to be rolled out in September 2017 6th for Xbox One and Ps4. Will also be available October 24th 2017, through all stores and Blizzard Platform.From the creation of Destiny, the sequel is taking off with Cabal’s Red Legion led by its ruthless commander. This will be a new and exciting time for gamers. We expect this game will pull in people from other online games. It is expected to double in sales and create a gateway for larger updates. Loyal players from Destiny will be ready for the beta early edition. Bungie creators of Destiny2 have beefed up the complete game. Offering better graphics, Armour packs, and weapons. Also on offer is new maps and games modes. The overall game play will be similar to the first edition.


Destiny 2 Guide

Destiny 2 Guide




We will take a look more into what is on offer – Destiny 2 has now been updated to include PvP modes 4 player teams. The UI has had a make over to allow new and experienced players to come together. The community can expect to see new weapon and armor section.

There is also a new PvP mode called Countdown where players place a bomb in the opponent’s base and guard it.

We will update this Destiny 2 Guide when more information is available.Bungie revealed new solo campaign—complete with dramatic and detailed cinematics–to let gamers follow the story at their own pace. New quests that take players across four new planets were also added, as well as maps that allow gamers to join in treasure hunts and enter dungeons. Moreover, Bungie added new sub-classes, each with their own abilities. The first among them are:


To make it more exciting, devs expanded the weapon category to include kinetic (standard damage weapons including rifles, hand cannons, and machine guns), energy (enhanced weapons with solar, arc, or void property), and power (extreme weaponry that deals hyper damage like rocket launchers and grenades). With this, players can be as flexible with their fighting style as they want and be as inventive with their co-op battle tactics as they can.

Better Co-op Battle Options. To sustain activity in the community, Bungie injected new co-op battles, such as a 3-player co-op strike set in Nessus–one of the new planets–where players are forced to make their way through levitating platforms, vast chasms, a hole of swinging drill arms, and other insane challenges while dodging enemy fire. At the end of the map awaits the boss. The only way out is by challenging it to an epic battle to the death.

Bungie promised more new trials, strikes, and a raid in Destiny 2.

Another interesting addition is the crack down on Aimbot’s, as we know there is the PC edition which will bring coders attempting to create Bots.



Dedicated Gamers showed widely varied reaction to the Bungie’s revelations about Destiny 2. Some were upset because they think Destiny 2 is nothing more than the developers’ attempt to get players to spend more cash on Destiny. Others feel that the sequel is a good attempt, with great potential, and hoping for plenty of tips and tricks, but is not quite there yet. However, there are also a number of gamer’s who are quite optimistic and are actually excited to see the rest of Destiny 2’s offerings. After all, there are still so many things that Bungie held back from the public.

Overall, Destiny 2 looks fantastic. While it has a lot of similarity with the previous release, it also has plenty of new content and features that add to the game’s replay value. The clan system also has a lot of potential in nurturing a solid community that revels in competitive and cooperative gameplay. Meanwhile, solo gamers will also have their hands full with the content-rich adventure, campaign, and other map activities. We will focus more on Destiny 2 Guide with in depth updates.

It will be exciting to see the environment of the new planets and to discover how the developers intend to make humans defeat Red Legion. Are they going to introduce yet another race to ally with? A new technology?

Maybe Bungie will reveal more clues as the intended release date draws near.

We intend to keep this Destiny 2 Guide updated when there is new information. It is important for players that may decide to buy a new game to find out all about a game. The official release will be the largest Bungie has ever seen.

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