Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks: If you have played Destiny, the first thing that you will probably notice is the same set of character classes available in Destiny 2. You were probably hoping to see more Tips and Tricks amped up Guardians to spike up the content. Fortunately, while Bungie did not add an entirely new character class, they added new a new subclass for each class: the Titan Striker, Warlock Dawnblade, and Hunter Gunslinger.

They also tweaked the subclass passive ability system so that instead of choosing a combination from a pool of choices, you can now only choose one of the two clusters–one cluster enhances your Super and Class Abilities while the other affects your class’s general gameplay (example: attack, skill cooldown, speed, etc.). Each cluster has four passive abilities. Only one cluster can be active at a time but all abilities belonging to the same cluster can be activated together.


From our point of view, this change simplified the selection but also amplified the play value of each subclass in Destiny 2. Now you have more reason to think about your character. Since you can only have limited passive abilities, you have to consider your strategies well and decide on a role that you want to play in game. All characters in the game can be boosted up.

To help you choose your Destiny 2 character, here are some insider info on each Guardian subclass.



Hunters pride themselves with high mobility, making them quick with their hands and swift on their feet. Their speed makes them deadly on the trigger as well as with a blade. If you like taking big risks for big rewards, this class is for you. You can choose from two subclasses: Arcstrider, which replaced Bladedancer, and Gunslinger.






Gifted with grace and precision, this Hunter subclass can rapidly slip in and out of combat, dealing damage with its lightning staff while evading enemy attacks. Reminiscent of classic RPG monks, Arcstrider executes martial arts-like movements that are as mesmerizing as they are deadly. Handling Arcstrider in PVP may turn out to be a bit of a challenge because of their lower defense compared to other Guardians in Destiny 2. However, it lets you experience the battle up-close and personal, making every victory more fulfilling and climactic with less drama.

Super Ability:
Arc Staff – summons Arc-infused pole arm that can be swung rapidly at opponents for massive Arc damage

Flux – sticks to enemies and deals extra damage
Skip – creates multiple enemy-seeking projectiles upon impact
Arcbolt – releases chain of lightning on nearby enemies

Class Ability:
Dodge of Marksman – dodging automatically triggers weapon reload
Dodge of Gambler – dodging partially fills up melee bar

High – increases the reach of Double Jump
Triple – adds additional jump to Double Jump
Strafe – improves mid-air directional movement

Passive Abilities:
Way of the Warrior
Deadly Reach – dodging increases the range of a melee attack
Combat Flow – killing with melee damage partially fills up Dodge meter
Lethal Current – dodging triggers double attack for Arc Staff
Shocking Blow – adds lighting effect to melee hit

Way of the Wind
Lightning Reflexes – reduces damage received while dodging when Arc Staff is on
Focused Breathing – increases sprinting speed; sprinting hastens cool down for Dodge
Disorienting Blow – adds stun effect to melee attack; killing a stunned enemy instantly recharges Disorienting Blow
Battle Meditation – being in critically wounded state makes melee skills and grenades fill up faster







Gunslinger, one of the iconic characters of Destiny, makes a satisfying comeback in Destiny 2 with its Golden Gun and improved abilities. What makes Gunslinger intimidating is its ability to execute quick dodges while simultaneously reloading weapons. It has a lot of potential PVP ability combination that allows you to deal successive heavy damage to your opponent. Gunslinger’s passives also benefit allied characters, making it a good choice for co-op plays.

Super Ability: Golden Gun – calls forth a burning gun that shoots out light


Swarm – releases enemy-seeking drones upon impact
Incendiary – burns enemy, causing DPS damage (damage per second)
Tripmine – explodes when an enemy crosses its laser detector

Class Ability:
Dodge of Marksman – dodging automatically triggers weapon reload
Dodge of Gambler – dodging partially fills up melee bar

High – increases the reach of Double Jump
Triple – adds additional jump to Double Jump
Strafe – improves mid-air directional movement

Passive Abilities:
Way of the Outlaw
Explosive Knife – throws explosive knife at opponents when melee energy meter is full
Chains of Woe – killing with precision damage increases yours and your teammates’ reload speed
Bombs for Bullseyes – precision hits partially fills up grenade meter
Six-Shooter – Golden Gun fires six times in exchange for reduced duration

Second Passive Ability Cluster (Official Name To Be Announced)
Knife-Juggler – throws a knife at opponents when melee meter is full; killing with precision damage using this ability instantly refills it
Line ‘em Up – precision damage dealt using Golden Gun increases the ability’s attack and duration
Crowd-Pleaser – precision damage dealt using Golden Gun produces Orbs of Light for the team
Gunslinger’s Trance – killing with precision damage activates a buff that reduces Golden Gun cool down


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Designed to be pillars of strength and protectors of their allies, Titans are expected to defend the front lines from enemies. If you prefer tank duties with some options for offense, Titan class is the way to go in Destiny 2. Titan has two subclasses: Striker and Sentinel (replacing the Defender from Destiny)

I – Striker

Known for its brute force, Strikers have an arsenal of abilities that allow them to defend their allies as well as set-up battles to ensure victory. First among them is their ability to summon a wall of light that stops anything from coming through. This barrier can help you escape death at the last moment, set up battles by creating a choke point, and delay or completely stop enemy advancement. Striker Super Ability, Fist of Havoc, has been modified in Destiny 2 to provide players with better control with its extended duration.

Super Ability:
Fist of Havoc – allows players to deal damage to surrounding enemies by applying massive force on the ground and charging at opponents shoulder-first

Pulse – deals periodic damage to enemies within the area of explosion
Flashbang – stuns enemies
Lightning – sticks to surfaces and electrocutes enemies

Class ability:
Towering Barricade – summons a large barrier that blocks attacks and prevents enemies from passing through
Rally Barricade – summons a small barrier that lets players look out and take aim; taking cover triggers instant weapon reload

Catapult – gives Lift a strong initial push
Increased Height – upgrades height of your Lift
Increased Control – improved mid-air directional movement of Lift

Passive Abilities:

Code of the Juggernaut
Shoulder Charge – lets player charge at opponents shoulder-first after a short sprint
Aftermath – adds stun effect to Fist of Havoc and creates an area that deals DPS (damage per second) damage
Magnitude – increases grenades’ duration
Aerial Strike – increases the attack of Fist of Havoc proportional to the amount of time that it is in mid-air

Second Passive Ability Cluster (Official Name To Be Announced)
Reversal – melee kills activates healing
Frontal Assault – a massive melee attack that increases the weapon’s stability
Trample – sprinting and dealing fatal damage to enemies increase the duration of Fist of Havoc
Knockout – breaking the opponent’s shield increases the range of melee attacks





Little is known about the new Titan subclass, Sentinel, except for the fact that it wields an extremely handy shield (which somehow reminds us of Captain America’s vibranium shield). Bungie has been very secretive about Sentinel’s abilities, teasing the community and building anticipation as the open beta launch date approaches. However, we can safely say that Sentinel might be the most tank-ish character on Destiny 2 and has the most potential to influence combat difficulty in the battlefield. Really, just look at him–the guy can hover, slam the ground for some serious damage, make a pinball game out of his opponents using his shield, deflect projectiles, and prevent melee attacks (again, using his trusty shield), and call up the mystical barrier of light to save his hide! If that doesn’t spell D-E-F-E-N-S-E, we don’t know what else does.



An RPG is not complete without a wielder of magic. In the case of Destiny 2, the class that represents this role are the Warlocks. Warlocks are the only Guardians that can take to the skies, summon massive AOE (area of effect) ability, and heal themselves and their allies. They can also make use of their flaming sword’s splash damage to indiscriminately fend off enemies. Unlike the stereotypical magic caster, though, Destiny 2’s Warlock is not frail and feeble. They can actually afford to get reckless with their skills because they have good enough defense to take on a hit or two. Of course, Warlock is played best with a reliable partner that can hold enemies back while you call forth the fires of heaven and the blades of justice to punish the wicked but generally, you are good to go on your own. Warlock’s subclasses include Dawnblade and Voidwalker.






Destiny 2 is giving Warlocks a fresh start by consolidating Destiny’s Warlock subclasses (except for Voidwalker) into one death-defying Guardian. It is sad to see the Sunbringer’s self-resurrection ability; however, Dawnblade offers more fighting style flexibility and stronger firepower that contribute to better survivability.

Super Ability:
Daybreak – releases blades of light from the sky

Solar – creates a flare of damaging light that continuously damages trapped enemies
Firebolt – releases bolts of damaging light to nearby opponents
Fusion – can cause extra damage when attached to the target

Class Ability:
Healing Rift – conjures a small area of healing light that continuously heals allies within the area of effect
Empowering Rift – conjures a small area of attack power enhancing light that boosts allies within the area of effect

Glide Jumps:
Balanced Glide – enhances speed and control
Focused Burst – gives initial burst of speed for glide jumps
Controlled Glide – improves glide jumps’ mid-air movement for glide jumps

Passive Abilities:
Attunement of Sky
Igniting Touch – a powerful melee skill that burns enemies and turns them into a ticking bomb
Phoenix Dive – allows the player to dive and regain health
Skyfire – when Daybreak is active, landing from a dive causes explosive AoE damage
Risen Angel – allows the player to make the weapon float in space for a short period of tim while he is in mid-air; the duration is extended for every precision damage dealt using this ability

Attunement of Fire

Wild Fire – allows the player to fight enemies, shoot, and toss grenades in mid-air
Firestarter – a powerful melee skill that deals while boosting speed (movement/reload)
Blazing Dash – mid-air dodge
Everlasting Flames – killing opponents using Daybreak extends the ability’s duration






Destiny’s “glass cannon” has been rumored to make a comeback in Destiny 2. However, Bungie has not yet revealed anything significant about this Warlock subclass. Warlock fans are hoping to once again see Nova Bomb in action but, as of the time of writing of this article, we can only guess.

Our Verdict

The changes in Destiny 2 Character Guide and Destiny 2’s subclasses and passive ability system are actually a good balance for the classes. Because of the class abilities and limited passive ability options, each subclass gets equal play value. We also believe that this move is one of Bungie’s ways of getting players to experience in-game battles by watching, learning, and planning instead of the usual haphazard barrage of melee and ranged attacks. With this, critical thinking and strategies become integral parts of PVP victory. While many will probably disagree, we actually see bright future for Destiny 2 and its community.

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